What we want

Our Vision, Mission & Principles 

The Entwicklungspolitische Netzwerk Sachsen e.V. (ENS) is an network of groups, initiatives and associations that stand up for sustainable development and worldwide justice. The ENS was founded as an association in 1995 and is today a platform for developmental policy and intercultural initiatives in Saxony.

We want to make a way to a more just, peaceful and environmentally friendly world society where all are able to have a life worth living.

The scope of activities of our members include:

  • Collaborative Development Cooperation
  • Developmental Educational Work and PR
  • Fair Trade, Economy and Sustainability
  • Connection between  Environmental Protection and Social Justice
  • Intercultural and Interreligious Education
  • Human Rights and Anti-racism Work


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Our Political Statements: 

  • Statement of solidarity with the Netzwerk für Demokratische Kultur e.V. , concerning democratic developments
  • Position of the Entwicklungspolitischen Netzwerks Sachsen e. V. concerning the follow-up of the Saxon sustainability strategy
  • Future of the developmental policy work of the Free State of Saxony – position paper of the ENS concerning the developmental policy of the Saxon government, 2016.
  • Viewpoints of the ENS concerning the first sustainability report of the Saxon government, 2016


We are members of:


Our financial and work reports: 

Transparency is important to us. Therefore we provide below our most recent work and financial reports.

Report (German) 2018
Report (German) 2017
Report (German) 2016
Report (German) 2015