Migration & One-World

“The European fear of migration is not something that relies on concrete experiences; it is something that reveals the condition of its own society.“
Thomas Gebauer

We are convinced that within the one world many worlds with equal rights are possible. According to that belief, we act. Migration has always played a role in the history of humanity as a result of conflicts, wars, natural catastrophes and societal changes. However, in the last few years and decades migration has been  rising to an extent – making it more noticeable, including here in the context of Europe. Causes are economical globalisation, climate change and geopolitical conflicts.

As part of our networking, our unit Migration & One-World – in cooperation with ENS member associations – engages into impacts by and alternatives for the current economical system, which predominantly targets economic growth.

We work together with immigrant organisations and speakers to come up with new educational learning approaches for interior work. Every year we offer a certification program for poltical education work, global learning and education for sustainable development and promote exchange among educational stakeholders.
(contact: Anayanci Chacon)

Moreover we establish meeting places/forums for people with or without refugee/migration experiences. For that purpose, the programs “weltweit-solidarisch-dialogisch” (open-mindedness – solidarity – dialogue) and  Stärkung der Aktiven aus Migrantenorganisationen in der Flüchtlingsarbeit (Empowerment of active members from migration organisations in the field of refugee work) serve.
(contact:Anayanci Chacon)