Network meetings take place about once a month in various places in Saxony. You can find information for upcoming meetings under „Events“ on the right side.

The following services are available to member groups free of charge or at a reduced price:

  • Counselling and training for developmental policy topics (Partnerships, Education for Sustainable Development, Public Events, Fairtrade, etc.)
  • Counselling and Training for association work topics on the developmental policy spectrum (Organisation development, Association Establishment, Financing and Public Relations)
  • Supporting public relations through the use of social network and through the use of a collective, large Saxon-wide mailing list and social media
  • Supporting the financing of projects through counselling and cooperation
  • Technics Rental (projector, laptop)
  • Space in our Kreuzstraße 7 office in Dresden for association meetings (free) and public events (for a small fee)
  • Use of the one- world, peace and enviroment library at Kreuzstraße 7, Dresden. The library belongs to Ökumenischen Informationszentrum Dresden, with which the ENS cooperates closely.


If you’re a member and interested in one of these services, please contact us.
(contact: Dorothea Trappe)