Development Cooperation

Many developmental policy groups in Saxony advocate for the worldwide fight against poverty and mobilise young people and adults to find time and resources for the improvement of living conditions in poor countries. Examples of our engagement in this area include the project „genialsozial“ and the development cooperation task force.


  • Social day „genialsozial – Your work against poverty“

According to the motto of „genialsozial- Your work against poverty“, students from Saxony spend a day to work at businesses, stores, associations, private households or other open establishments. Their earnings are donated to developmental cooperation projects outside of the country. A jury decides on which project the money is spent on.
If their school has registered by December, 31st of the current year, then Saxon students can be part of this jury as delegates. Between January and February of the current year students of registered schools can meet up. After the students have come up with an individual project, which is supported by a grant from „genialsozial“, they decide on the distribution of the funds based on previously established criteria. As a rule, a ranking list will be created by the students in order to alloacte the funds raised.
(contact: Anayanci Chacon)

  • Consortium of developmental cooperation


At different points during the year, engaged members of the network meet in order to design concrete, sustainable developmental cooperations. There, they consider many questions, including the following: How can the UN-Sustainable-Development Goals 4 and 17 be implemented through the cooperation of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in Saxony and partners in the Global South, especially African countries? Which input does the Saxon civil society provide together with its partners? Which basic conditions are required for each side to achieve this?
(contact:Dorothea Trappe)