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For our offers and work – educational offers on important topics, like „Postwachstum“ or causes of the flight of refugees, actions toward the economy and human rights, research on the working conditions in the global garment production, showing different perspectives (including from the Global South), contributing to the shaping of current political issues and support for the many One-World engaged actors in Saxony – we depend on donations and contributions from private individuals.

In order to become a supporting member, please fill out these forms. The membership fee of 60 Euro per year can be deducted through direct debit. After your registration you will immediately receive a written confirmation of your membership and at the beginning of each year, you will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt for the tax offfice, because your contribution can be deducted for tax reasons as a donation.

Next a supporting membership, a one-time donation is also helpful and meaningful.

More information about donations.